Just kidding, there's no real registry here at ATOMAk. We use a system called Persona, It's created by Mozilla, the folks who make the FireFox browser. You simply verify your email with them and logging in is (mostly) automatic.

The first time you log in to us through Persona, we'll ask you to pick a user name and set an avatar. We need you to do this in order to post comments and replies. After that, you'll be good to go.

Why we use Persona

It's simple for us - Everything's already been done, so we can implement it quickly.

It's simple for you - After verifying your address, logging in is a snap.

It's secure for you - Unlike the Facebook or Google log in systems, we get none of your personal information when you log in using Persona and we have no access to your social media streams. We'll see your email address, but that's it.

It's secure for us - By having a log in system that uses validated email addresses, we can cut down on spam accounts and abusive users.

Sorry, the ATOMAk mobile version is not quite ready for primetime yet. Rest assured, mobile is definitely a priority for us and we want to make sure we get it right.

Be sure to visit the site through a table or full-sized computer to keep up with our development as it happens and find out exactly when mobile will be ready to fly.