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What's next for ATOMAk?

Steve Keller (Robotkarateman)

Now that our forums are up and running, it's time to talk about where we want ATOMAk to go in the future.

First and foremost, our mission is going to be to promote and highlight local gaming events and gaming venues around Alaska. Some time this week we'll be launching our events calendar with the goal of compiling the best collection of game-related events in the state. We'll be approaching and working with local groups and businesses to make sure you know about as many open gaming events as we can find.

Our second phase is going to focus on mobile. We want users to post about the events they're attending and that means having a mobile solution for posting comments and photos while the events are happening.

And while we work on that, we'll be working to make our forums something gamers of all stripes can use to share information and find players and let everyone know about the games they're playing. So jump in and tell us what you're up to!

Sorry, the ATOMAk mobile version is not quite ready for primetime yet. Rest assured, mobile is definitely a priority for us and we want to make sure we get it right.

Be sure to visit the site through a table or full-sized computer to keep up with our development as it happens and find out exactly when mobile will be ready to fly.