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Soft Launch is Here!

Steve Keller (Robotkarateman)

Welcome to the soft launch of ATOMAk, Alaska's only board, roleplaying, miniature, LARP, card, and tabletop gaming website! We hope you'll take a moment to register, and as we build a community we hope you'll find likeminded players in your area of our state.

What is a "soft launch"?

Well, we're live. And you can register and take a look around to get an idea of what we'll be doing here.

We may not 100% of our features live. In fact, over the next week, you'll see a few of our live features change as they get more use, you'll see some other features added as we go, and some of the features that are already in place might be broken.

That's what a soft launch is. We're ready to start letting people in, but we're not 100% up and running.

Steve Keller (Robotkarateman)posted 05/18/15

Post replies are (mostly) live. I'll have a list of upcoming features shortly so everyone can know what to expect with ATOMAk in the coming days and weeks.

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Sorry, the ATOMAk mobile version is not quite ready for primetime yet. Rest assured, mobile is definitely a priority for us and we want to make sure we get it right.

Be sure to visit the site through a table or full-sized computer to keep up with our development as it happens and find out exactly when mobile will be ready to fly.